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What Can Palliative Care Do for a Loved One with Cancer?

Palliative Care in Yardley PA: What Can Palliative Care Do for a Loved One with Cancer?

Palliative Care in Yardley PA: What Can Palliative Care Do for a Loved One with Cancer?

When your loved one is already dealing with so much due to her cancer diagnosis and treatments, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s when having palliative care providers to turn to can make a bit difference, both for you and for your loved one.

Reduce Stress and Manage Symptoms

It’s difficult for your loved one to enjoy her life when she’s in pain or uncomfortable in other ways. Cancer treatments can have dramatic side effects, such as constipation or eating problems, which reduce her quality of life significantly. With a full approach to her care, managing those symptoms reduce stress and improve your loved one’s ability to be able to enjoy her life.

Provide Comfort

While reducing the effects of the symptoms of both her illness and her treatments for that illness, your loved one can bring her great comfort. It can also provide comfort for you because you’re able to do something for your loved one, even if you haven’t been sure what you could do for her in the past. Sometimes even just having someone else there helping both you and your loved one is enough to give her an extra layer of comfort.

Identify Areas for Additional Support

The needs that your loved one has now may not be the needs that she has a month or six months from now. Surgery, for example, can create new situations for your loved one to deal with while healing. Working with palliative options for care means that your loved one’s care providers are able to identify areas that require more or different levels of support. Once identified, it’s much easier to implement changes to your loved one’s care plan or to your own self-care plan.

Integrate with Other Treatments

Your loved one doesn’t have to give up any other treatment options in order to embrace all that palliative care can provide for her. In fact, this type of care could be exactly what your loved one needs in order to manage side effects from the treatments that she’s not willing to give up just yet.

Palliative care can customize your loved one’s healing experience and give her the help she needs, when she needs it the most.

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Michael Drew, LNHA

Michael Drew LNHA is the administrator of Serenity Hospice PA, servicing the greater Bensalem and Philadelphia areas. In this capacity, he leads and inspires the company’s mission of providing quality and compassionate end-of-life care and supportive services for patients and their families, and to enhance their quality of life. Michael’s hallmark is his genuine concern for patients and his dedication to meeting their needs.
A veteran of providing quality healthcare, Michael has served with distinction in a variety of leadership capacities for nearly two decades, notably as administrator for several Skilled Nursing Facilities in New Jersey. Known as an innovative and solution-oriented individual, Michael has his finger on the pulse on new trends and concepts in providing quality care.